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So pretty! I arranged it as a gift basket for the photo shoot. 🙂 For those who haven’t figured it out yet, ;), The Loopy Ewe hosts contests on the blog, and I happened to win!

The Prize!

I’m so psyched, I’m hyperventilating! Let’s dig in, shall we?

A few TLE goodies:


TLE Post Its

TLE Post Its 2


Soap 2

BTW, the soap smells heavenly. How can I possibly use it? 🙂

But obviously the important part of the prize is the yarn, right? I’ll not keep you in suspense anymore! Sheri sent 3 skeins of yarn, and I love them all! Here goes!

First is some Chewy Spaghetti, I think it’s called Spaghettini II. The colourway is Alluring, and it truly is! I have a sneaking suspicion that, due to the light colours, my little sister will be the one blessed with an FO from this skein! (Why, yes, I do spoil her dreadfully, why do you ask? :P)

Chewy Spaghetti Alluring

Next is some gorgeous bellamoden Sport in the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea colourway. This yarn is soooooo soft, and the colour is perfect for my mom, so I’ve already begun charting a pattern!

bellamoden Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

And the final skein is all mine. For me. Mine mine mine. Any guess why? Here’s a hint:


Not quite fair of me, I agree. Alright, here’s the unblurred photo.


Can you see the label? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! What, print too small? (or not, as the case may be. I don’t know how good your resolution and eyesight are!)


Wollmeise! I can’t believe it! I have wanted Wollmeise ever since hearing about it, but I never thought I’d ever get any! So pretty! The colourway, Aquarius, is perfect for me, and I love it. *happy sigh* I can’t stop petting my yarn!

And so, thanks to Sheri of TLE for hosting contests and providing such gorgeous prize packages!


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Cherry Shortcake A La Mode 2

Last night I made a rather nice dinner for the family: brown rice cooked with sesame oil for flavour and olive oil to prevent sticking/burning (which it did admirably), pork carnitas with fresh deli salsa, steamed baby brussel sprouts (yum!), and Cherry Shortcake a la mode. My intent had been to serve Strawberry Shortcake, but, alas, that was not to be.  It seems that strawberries go bad fast.

My next problem was that I was out of white sugar.  Shortcake is easy enough to make with Bisquick, but how can I do it without sugar?  Stevia, honey, and molasses are all valid sweeteners, but I didn’t think they would do the trick.  I decided to try brown sugar.  Success!

So, the quick and dirty on how to make Cherry Shortcake a la mode.

1. Make the shortcake recipie on the Bisquick box.  I doubled the recipie and cooked it in a casserole dish as opposed to in biscuits.

2. Put a piece of shortcake on a plate (sliced in half if you prefer, I think it’s moister that way), fill with cherry pie filling (canned is fine), and top with vanilla bean ice cream!

3. Enjoy!

Cherry Shortcake A La Mode

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It would appear that I just won a Loopy Ewe contest! (although Sheri would have just cause to withdraw my prize if she knew how often I typed The Loopy Eye instead! ROFL) Sheri shipped it yesterday, and I checked my email this morning. I am so excited! I’ll be posting pictures for sure!

In other news, college classes start very soon for many of ya’ll, myself included. Here’s hoping the Introduction to Photography class I will be taking helps my blogging! 😉  (And that the $$$ spent is worth it!)

(Back from a quick detour)

My Grandma just sent us all T-shirts emblazoned with pictures and the name of her town.  Mine is an ADORABLE kitten.  “I don’t do mornings!”Awww!

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I never know quite how to START something, email, snail-mail letter, whatever.  I suppose I should give a little background.

I knit, crochet, sew, and embroider.  I also have aspirations of writing and designing.  🙂  Secret Agent Fiber Arts will eventually become my business.   The blog will document the journey, and likely be my main venue for now.  I hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Expect rambling posts, pics of my projects, and the occasional rants.  Thanks for visiting!


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