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Ugggg, the last few days haven’t been fun. First I have been having trouble with getting textbooks and stuff, and I am way backed up on my chores (which I get paid for if I do them, so no chores done = no money, but also chores done = no money because paychecks are arriving late which is CRUMMY), and stuff I need for school is lost amidst piles of clutter, and assignments are not getting done quickly, and we got home late on Sunday so I didn’t have a chance to upload pictures from the Yarn Store on Saturday for photography class so I woke up this morning and panicked because I hadn’t completed my assignments and so I emailed the professor and begged for mercy and then waited on pins and needles for hours and then my professor said that it wouldn’t affect my grade so YAY!

And that was, quite possibly, the longest runon sentence I have EVER written. Nice.

Anyhow, so all I want to do is curl up on my bed and sleep, because I am very low on sleep, but I can’t because OH NOES I HAVE TWO COLLEGE EXAMS TOMORROW AND THEY ARE THE FIRST EVER AND OH NO I JUST REMEMBERED THAT I DIDN’T CALL TO SEE IF THEY ARE OPEN TOMORROW! Arg. And I haven’t had a decent cup of coffee today because we are out of milk, and I am a wimp who cannot drink black coffee, oh yeah, and somehow I missed lunch. So not my day.

BUT. Found pretty kitty drinking water, yes!


And then this is amazing.

So, no pictures of knitting this time. BUT. I did take pictures at the yarn store, so here is one!

DSCN0237 cropalacious

Plymouth Yarn Encore in b&w! Was playing with settings. 🙂

ALSO. Found THE SOFTEST YARN EVER. Got one ball to make a baby hat for baby sister Lefse. (and don’t ask me why she get’s THAT nickname! *giggles*) Also. Need to make a baby blanket for my aunt’s baby girl! Need to come up with a nickname for her. lol

Okay, feeling better, not so ranty now. 🙂 I’ll go finish studying/sorting coupons/listening to podcasts/dreaming up designs, yes?


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Fall and Spring are my absolute favorite seasons. In spring you get vivid bright colours. Everything is new, everything is green and growing.

In fall you get vivid muted colours. One last display of colour before the monochromatic palette of winter.


So I am participating in the Fall 2009 Seasons of Lace KAL. I have posted my intro, and look forward to making progress on my project(s)!

autumn again

I mentioned before what pattern I am using, but here’s a run down again.

Pattern: lettuce leaf scarf
Yarn: Sense & Sensibility Sock yarn
Needles: 24″ size 4 Bryspun plastic circulars (these are not the needles pictured!  :p)
Mods: Cast on 10 extra stitches using cable cast on. Knit 5 rows in seed stitch. For remainder of scarf, knit in seed stitch for 5 stitches on either side. Will finish with 5 rows of seed stitch.

It’s so nice! I need to take a picture once I finish the first repeat. 🙂

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*rant on*

I like blogs. I am not interested in joining any social networking site other than Twitter (at this point). I like forums and blogs. I do not need another time suck. All well and good, right?

WRONG. Apparently the social network Ravelry.com has become the be all and end all of the fiber world since I started reading blogs a year or two ago. And if you aren’t a member, you don’t exist! Meaning, if you aren’t on Ravelry, you can’t be part of the major knit-and-crochet-alongs, because the blogs have all moved to Ravelry!


Oh yeah, and universe? Wrecking my coffee is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

*rant off*

I’m happy again, because I finally managed to register for SOL. 🙂 And my coffee is good again. lol

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No, not from me, not yet. I have one in mind, but I need to have some decent yarn to give as a prize first. 😀

Anyhow, I know I am making my chances of winning that much slimmer, but I thought I’d share with my (2? so far? :P) readers!

First, my blog bff (*grins* Because she was the first ever person to comment! Yay!) Salihan is having a comment contest. And I am a baaaaad commenter, because I cannot remember all the places on her blog I have commented! Oh well, I really do love her blog! Reading her archives is a PERFECT procrastination activity!

Next, Little Snoring is giving away necklaces! (Which I Tweeted about, incidentally. Because Tweeting and Blogging give you EXTRA entries! *grins*) For the record, my favorite is the Cherry Pie Red Glass Bird Necklace, mainly because it reminds me, in a round-about way, of my darling grandma. 🙂 She loves that cobalty red glass, and red birds, sooooo…. 😀

Then Pixie Petals is giving away cute little crocheted flowers! So pretty. But I must confess, apart from the prize she is giving away, which is so totally lovely, is something that she didn’t even make. *grins* The Vintage Kit in Pink is my favorite thing, and I WANT it! Maybe even more than I want the prize. Or I want both. Etsy is SO bad for my budget. Even when I don’t buy anything! lol

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I was going to do a podcast, but…

I did try, but apparently I am completely incompetent.  I don’t have a program to produce mp3s, and I refuse to torture my fellow yarnaholics with wmvs!

Also, my microphone is exceedingly crummy.   Bleh.  So here are all the super cool things I was going to podcast about.  *shuffle*

Today my friend Salihan posted a brand new crochet pattern: the Pear Tawashi. A tawashi is basically a Japanese scrubbie or washcloth. Now, being Japanese, it needs to be cute, like amigurumi. And Salihan’s pattern totally is! Simple and easy, I would have already made one if I had the proper green yarn! It is a free pattern, unlike another awesome pattern from her: Amigurumi Pears. This pattern is amazing! There is nothing small scale about these pears; they are truly gigantic! Salihan provides 3 sizes, but if you don’t have the patience to make one yourself, she also sells them ready-made. As she is in Australia, the price plus shipping ends up totaling between 40 and 70 US dollars. Not bad, considering labor and shipping across the ocean!

For those who knit, I found a free pattern for a smaller amigurumi pear from Peach Cake Knits, another very cute pear!

Okay, so apparently I’m on an amigurumi kick. *laugh* I’ve actually made the Baby Polar Bear from Crochet Obsession, and I totally love the pattern. Emily, the designer, provides the pattern for free, with the caveat that you are supposed to then pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else. My thing is to give them to new babies at church or in my family. I love doing this, and the responses I have gotten are really positive, because the bear is so cute! By the way, if you don’t have a Ravelry.com account, you can email Emily, and she’ll email the pattern to you, which is very nice of her!

Next is a pattern for the latest Knitty (Squee! More on that later!). Zozo is a darling little knitted alien. I need to see if I can manage to whip one up in the next few days. 🙂

I don’t like snails, but somehow I can be reconciled to them if they are crocheted! Knotty’s Amigurumi has a darling free snail pattern, and somehow those slimy creatures are cute instead!

Ever been curious about the strange creatures that inhabit the woods? Anna from Mochimochi Land has managed to capture the whimsy with her Woodins, published in the Fall 07 Knitty. Totally kawaii! (FYI, she also has slug and snail patterns, if you like snails but don’t crochet!) Just a quick tangent here, ALL of the MochiMochi Land patterns are totally adorable. I want them all!

Okay, next on my list is a Hello Kitty pattern. Not because it’s Hello Kitty, but because it’s a cute kitty wearing a strawberry. Don’t believe me? Go check it out! Strawberry Kitty is from Armina’s Ami-Nals, and I need to make it! Armina also has other kitty patterns, like Bumblebee Kitty and Hello Kitty.

Nuts to you! My love for acorns is a-political and seasonal: I love them in the fall. I found some very cute patterns: the It’s A Wonderful Life blog has a knitted Acorn Pattern and Planet June has a crocheted Amigurumi Acorn. I also plan to crochet an Amigurumi Squirrel from CrochetMe.com, so she can eat the acorns. 😛

Finally, if I were a Baby Snow Dragon, I think I would eat A Pair of Cherries. Both of these darling patterns are from CrochetMe.com.

I did mention pumpkins, didn’t I? Really, there are no pumpkins in the Fall 2009 Knitty. Yes, it’s out! I picked 4 patterns to highlight today. The first, ZoZo, I already told you about. The second is the pumpkin I was talking about. Or not!

The Hex shawl is absolutely GORGEOUS. I am not an orange lover, but the colour the sample Hex is knitted in looks like pumpkin pie, so I have to love it! The lace pattern is circles-and-lines that form an overall hexagon motif. So pretty! And it’s knitted with worsted weight yarn, so I’m thinking it’ll be very cozy and squishy! (Er, squishy in a good way!)

Another cozy pattern from this Knitty is the Girl Friday cardigan. I love the relaxed and elegant shape, and the fact that it’s knitted in a gorgeous teal-y blue surely doesn’t hurt!

I love the idea of knitted socks. I have yet to complete any, but I constantly look for cool patterns. And while this issue of Knitty has some pretty awesome patterns, the Hat-Heel Sock totally takes the cake! Basically, you knit a hat for your foot, and then turn it into a sock. Isn’t that AWESOME?

And this pumpkin pattern is a Fall Knitty pattern, but from 2007. Jordana Paige’s felted pumpkins are adorable. Really!

So, there is a crazy ton of patterns I like and want to make. Have fun!

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lettuce leaf scarf | Seasons of Lace | Jane Austen Yarn Club

A while back, I ordered Castle Fiber’s Sense & Sensibility Sock yarn. OH MY. This yarn is so lusciously pretty! In fact, I decided it was entirely too lovely to use for the sock pattern included. I tried using the lace pattern from the cuff to make a scarf, but it didn’t quite make me happy. No matter! I went hunting for the perfect pattern. I wanted a scarf, I wanted lace, and I wanted to use my size 4 needles. Oh yeah, and it needed to be free. Ugg. You would think the knitiverse had conspired against me!

I had begun to think I would have to design my own pattern for the yarn when I stumbled across the Lettuce Leaf Scarf from Madelinetosh. Eureka! I love how it allows the colours to play across the scarf. 🙂

So, here’s the yarn:

And the glamour shot. 😉

The yarn holds up admirably to the frogging I have done, and the colours play so beautifully across the yarn!

But I can’t knit on it yet. Why? Seasons of Lace hasn’t started yet! This is the first time I’ve come across it, and I do hope that Ravelry membership isn’t a requisite, because I do NOT need another time suck right now, and I am NOT going to join until I graduate! So there! 😉 Anyhow, I am waiting to see if my registration went through, so hopefully I will be participating!

Also? SO not feeling the love for the gift knitting I am doing right now. Yes, it’s almost a year (yes, you read that right) late. Yes, it is something of my own design. But COME ON. What was I thinking, promising to make FOUR somethings that require miles and miles (slight exageration, more like inches and inches) of 2×2 ribbing on size 5 needles with worsted weight yarn? *facepalm*

So what project are you longing to do? And what project feels like molasses in winter as you slog through?

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Today’s kinda special. See the date? And this is my 9th post! (totally freaked me out when I realized that!)

So, here are 3 lists of 9.

(These are in no particular order. Have you ANY idea how hard it was to narrow down the lists to 9?)

9 Knitty Patterns I Want To Knit

  1. Twist + Shout (Cardigan)
  2. Waves of Grain (Shawl/Stole/Scarf)
  3. Surface (Cardigan w/ Wrap)
  4. Fern Glade (Hat)
  5. Amelia (Cardigan)
  6. Mr. Greenjeans (Cardigan)
  7. Urchin (Hat)
  8. Grecian Plait (Pullover)
  9. Froot Loop (Socks. Not sure why they aren’t called Fruit Loop.)

9 Favorite Yarns

  1. Filatura di Crosa Zara | a dk weight merino wool that is SO soft and elastic!
  2. Vickie Howell Love | so silky soft! a bamboo/silk blend
  3. Plymouth Yarns Royal Llama Silk | Love!
  4. Lion Brand Homespun | Great for afghans!
  5. Bernat Natural Blends Bamboo | This is amazingly soft, and surprisingly soft!
  6. Caron Simply Soft | This is a great basic yarn for afghans, baby stuff, and accessories!
  7. Buffalo Gold #12 “Lux” | I linked to the Pine colourway, because that is what I have, but you can easily choose your favorite colour!
  8. Frabjous Fibers Recycled Sari Silk | I received this yarn as a RAK from Heather Wardell and it is beautiful. 🙂
  9. Elmore-Pisgah Peaches & Creme | I love this yarn for crocheted baby blankets. Using a K hook, it takes only one cone!

9 Favorite Designers

  1. Ysolda Teague
  2. Norah Gaughan
  3. Marnie McLean
  4. Amy Swenson
  5. Robynn Weldon
  6. Rosemary Hill
  7. Jordana Paige
  8. Stefanie Japel
  9. Nancy Bush
    (Why yes, that is an affiliate link to my favorite Nancy Bush book. ;P)

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