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I Dream of Yarn

I Dream of Yarn

More Wordless Wednesday


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Ooooh, I want it!


Anyhow, you can enter at her blog, and here’s what I said I wanted:

I can hardly choose, but I think I have decided to go with Malabrigo Lace in Paris Night. Or Citrus. Or Brisa. Because I cannot decide! Iā€™m envisioning an Ishbel for sure!

So pretty!

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Sand Dollars | Originally uploaded by km6xo

If you are a grandparent of mine (although I am not sure how you got the URL for my blog, because I haven’t told any family yet! :P), or if you THINK you are one of my grandparents, or if you can’t keep a secret and you know or THINK you know one of my grandparents, don’t look!

Anyone else, come on in, I want your input! (more…)

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It seems that Stash & Burn is running a Beyond the Sock contest! LOL! They uploaded theirs 10 days after I started mine. I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I suggest ya’ll take a look!

And no, I don’t *really* think Jenny and Nichole copied me. S’far as I know, they don’t even know this blog exists! But LOL!

Just as a reminder: Enter the Not Just Socks contest!

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Even though it seems that most of my readers are crocheters, I figured I’d give everyone a heads-up about a giveaway for knitting needles. (more…)

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The past few days haven’t been so awesome! First, on Thursday I discovered a dreadful error in my Jane Austen Lace Scarf. It’s very pretty, so I am majorly disappointed in having to send it to the Frog Pond. Here’s a picture taken before the disaster:

JA Scarf

Isn’t it pretty? The shiny round things are pinheads, because I couldn’t keep it from curling up. šŸ™‚

JA Scarf

Then I have this hat I am making for one of my brothers. I promised these hats last year for Thanksgiving, and this is only the second of four! *headdesk* Anyhow, don’t blame me for the colour, that was Alden’s choice! lol

Alden's Hat

I made this for my new little sister. However, Gianna’s head is far too small for this hat! It should fit her next winter, though!
Gianna's Hat

My aunt recently had a baby, so I am making a blanket for baby Sophie. šŸ™‚ My own design, too!

Sophie's Blanket

A gerbil:


And that sock. Gah. This was taken before I noticed my error in chart reading. I ripped back to the ribbing, and started again. I repidly caught up, and I had about twice as much done, but THAT DOG wrecked said progress. At this point I don’t have the heart for fixing it. It is hibernating.


So much for Seasons of Lace, eh?

Don’t forget to spread the word about the contest!

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30 views for the giveaway post, and NO ENTRIES? I will cry! *sniff*

Please? šŸ™‚

Also, I am totally drafting a post for which I need to take pictures. Until then:

(Taken at my LYS for Photography Class!)

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