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In lieu of actual knitting content (I am editing the photos, I promise! I’m actually in a mad dash to get some school photos in tonight; they are late already! I am procrastinating! Yay? Oh, and did I mention I’m sick? *sympathy plea* lol ), I thought I would show you two strips from my very favorite web comic:


And a couple strips later:


And then, there is a new(-ish?) comic that is JUST about Knitting! ๐Ÿ˜€


Knit Princess is AWESOME.



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I think Multnomah is going viral. I really do.

Sheri knit one. Actually, she knit two. And Emma is knitting one.

I’ve actually seen it elsewhere, but I never bookmark, so you’ll (and by you I mean the spider who is my only reader, if you can say a robot reads) have to take my word for it!

But I want to make one, so I need to finish up some other WIPs. Mebbe it can be a reward knit? (I’m behind with college work, so can’t knit for me right now. Booo.) Too bad I’m sick right now, or I would totally be finishing up a few. I don’t want to embed the germs in the yarn. Weird, huh?

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Ugggg, the last few days haven’t been fun. First I have been having trouble with getting textbooks and stuff, and I am way backed up on my chores (which I get paid for if I do them, so no chores done = no money, but also chores done = no money because paychecks are arriving late which is CRUMMY), and stuff I need for school is lost amidst piles of clutter, and assignments are not getting done quickly, and we got home late on Sunday so I didn’t have a chance to upload pictures from the Yarn Store on Saturday for photography class so I woke up this morning and panicked because I hadn’t completed my assignments and so I emailed the professor and begged for mercy and then waited on pins and needles for hours and then my professor said that it wouldn’t affect my grade so YAY!

And that was, quite possibly, the longest runon sentence I have EVER written. Nice.

Anyhow, so all I want to do is curl up on my bed and sleep, because I am very low on sleep, but I can’t because OH NOES I HAVE TWO COLLEGE EXAMS TOMORROW AND THEY ARE THE FIRST EVER AND OH NO I JUST REMEMBERED THAT I DIDN’T CALL TO SEE IF THEY ARE OPEN TOMORROW! Arg. And I haven’t had a decent cup of coffee today because we are out of milk, and I am a wimp who cannot drink black coffee, oh yeah, and somehow I missed lunch. So not my day.

BUT. Found pretty kitty drinking water, yes!


And then this is amazing.

So, no pictures of knitting this time. BUT. I did take pictures at the yarn store, so here is one!

DSCN0237 cropalacious

Plymouth Yarn Encore in b&w! Was playing with settings. ๐Ÿ™‚

ALSO. Found THE SOFTEST YARN EVER. Got one ball to make a baby hat for baby sister Lefse. (and don’t ask me why she get’s THAT nickname! *giggles*) Also. Need to make a baby blanket for my aunt’s baby girl! Need to come up with a nickname for her. lol

Okay, feeling better, not so ranty now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll go finish studying/sorting coupons/listening to podcasts/dreaming up designs, yes?

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It would appear that I just won a Loopy Ewe contest! (although Sheri would have just cause to withdraw my prize if she knew how often I typed The Loopy Eye instead! ROFL) Sheri shipped it yesterday, and I checked my email this morning. I am so excited! I’ll be posting pictures for sure!

In other news, college classes start very soon for many of ya’ll, myself included. Here’s hoping theย Introduction to Photography class I will be taking helps my blogging! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย (And that the $$$ spent is worth it!)

(Back from a quick detour)

My Grandma just sent us all T-shirts emblazoned with pictures and the name of her town. ย Mine is an ADORABLE kitten. ย “I don’t do mornings!”Awww!

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