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Romi, the designer of Muir, Waves of Grain, Ice Queen, Verdigris, and so many other pretty patterns, is giving away a copy of her Bluebird pattern! Isn’t it gorgeous?


Anyhow, she’s also running some sort of sale which I am totally ignoring as I am BROKE, but go check it out!

As for designing, I am desiging a knit SOMETHING that I hope will be Knitty.com worthy. It is possible, yes? So I need testers. I need someone to use sport weight yarn, about 250-300 yards, someone to use fingering weight yarn, about 400-500 yards (375 will probably be fine too! :P), and someone to use laceweight yarn, I have no idea how many yards. Like, anywhere from 400-1600? lol

I am knitting the prototype in Chewy Spaghetti sport yarn, one of my prizes from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe. I need to take a picture of the yarn cake, the colours play sooooo prettily! Anyhow, I am knitting it up and I LOVE it. 🙂

So if you are interested test knitting the pattern for me (I’d REALLY be happy if it could be written, tested, and submitted to Knitty by Dec. 15, but I’ll not hold my breath!), email me at Secret Agent Knits at yahoo dot com or ping me on Twitter (@SecretAgentFibr) and we’ll talk! Being able to take pictures is a plus, but not a requirement. 🙂


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Sorry I didn’t get to this on time, I am siiiiick. Maybe swine flue sick. No fun. Anyhow…

I had 4 entrants and 6 entries. Random.org chose the number 5, Anna! Congratulations, Anna!

I have emailed Marnie with your email address, so you should get your pattern very soon! Enjoy!

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It seems that Stash & Burn is running a Beyond the Sock contest! LOL! They uploaded theirs 10 days after I started mine. I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I suggest ya’ll take a look!

And no, I don’t *really* think Jenny and Nichole copied me. S’far as I know, they don’t even know this blog exists! But LOL!

Just as a reminder: Enter the Not Just Socks contest!

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Even though it seems that most of my readers are crocheters, I figured I’d give everyone a heads-up about a giveaway for knitting needles. (more…)

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30 views for the giveaway post, and NO ENTRIES? I will cry! *sniff*

Please? 🙂

Also, I am totally drafting a post for which I need to take pictures. Until then:

(Taken at my LYS for Photography Class!)

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This is a sticky post. Please scroll down for the latest post. Thanks!

YAY! *wild cheering*

Ahem. Today I am kicking off the first ever Secret Agent Fiber Arts giveaway. Marnie MacLean has graciously agreed to sponsor this contest by donating one of her patterns as the prize! Thanks so much, Marnie!

Okay, here are the deets. 🙂 (more…)

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Fall and Spring are my absolute favorite seasons. In spring you get vivid bright colours. Everything is new, everything is green and growing.

In fall you get vivid muted colours. One last display of colour before the monochromatic palette of winter.


So I am participating in the Fall 2009 Seasons of Lace KAL. I have posted my intro, and look forward to making progress on my project(s)!

autumn again

I mentioned before what pattern I am using, but here’s a run down again.

Pattern: lettuce leaf scarf
Yarn: Sense & Sensibility Sock yarn
Needles: 24″ size 4 Bryspun plastic circulars (these are not the needles pictured!  :p)
Mods: Cast on 10 extra stitches using cable cast on. Knit 5 rows in seed stitch. For remainder of scarf, knit in seed stitch for 5 stitches on either side. Will finish with 5 rows of seed stitch.

It’s so nice! I need to take a picture once I finish the first repeat. 🙂

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