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If you are a grandparent of mine (although I am not sure how you got the URL for my blog, because I haven’t told any family yet! :P), or if you THINK you are one of my grandparents, or if you can’t keep a secret and you know or THINK you know one of my grandparents, don’t look!

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It seems that Stash & Burn is running a Beyond the Sock contest! LOL! They uploaded theirs 10 days after I started mine. I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I suggest ya’ll take a look!

And no, I don’t *really* think Jenny and Nichole copied me. S’far as I know, they don’t even know this blog exists! But LOL!

Just as a reminder: Enter the Not Just Socks contest!

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The past few days haven’t been so awesome! First, on Thursday I discovered a dreadful error in my Jane Austen Lace Scarf. It’s very pretty, so I am majorly disappointed in having to send it to the Frog Pond. Here’s a picture taken before the disaster:

JA Scarf

Isn’t it pretty? The shiny round things are pinheads, because I couldn’t keep it from curling up. 🙂

JA Scarf

Then I have this hat I am making for one of my brothers. I promised these hats last year for Thanksgiving, and this is only the second of four! *headdesk* Anyhow, don’t blame me for the colour, that was Alden’s choice! lol

Alden's Hat

I made this for my new little sister. However, Gianna’s head is far too small for this hat! It should fit her next winter, though!
Gianna's Hat

My aunt recently had a baby, so I am making a blanket for baby Sophie. 🙂 My own design, too!

Sophie's Blanket

A gerbil:


And that sock. Gah. This was taken before I noticed my error in chart reading. I ripped back to the ribbing, and started again. I repidly caught up, and I had about twice as much done, but THAT DOG wrecked said progress. At this point I don’t have the heart for fixing it. It is hibernating.


So much for Seasons of Lace, eh?

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Also, I am totally drafting a post for which I need to take pictures. Until then:

(Taken at my LYS for Photography Class!)

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Ahem. Today I am kicking off the first ever Secret Agent Fiber Arts giveaway. Marnie MacLean has graciously agreed to sponsor this contest by donating one of her patterns as the prize! Thanks so much, Marnie!

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